Ginevra Mancinelli

Ginevra Mancinelli

I am an author from Rome, Italy. The name comes from a combination of my second name and my grandmother's last name. I like sleeping, cooking, petting cats and imitating the lifestyle of a sloth when allowed to (so not in public places). This website is not only an online portfolio but also a safe place where past and current works are being shared, along with snippets of future original works. You will find more information on story progression in the blog section, along with some personal thoughts and news.


The current main section of this website focuses on the rewriting of the lore of the popular MOBA game League of Legends. It is undoubtably the longest fandom series I have ever worked on but it's a commitment I try my best to respect because it is good practice, given the genre and the multitude of characters and their versatility. Well, that, and the current lack of structure in the official story-telling of the lore of this video game. The first "book" is out and downloadable for your twisted needs, while the rest is being updated sporadically.

FANFICTION: more fandoms to come.

Initially, the website was supposed to host a number of stories written between 2007 and 2016, but after a lot of thinking and a couple good stories getting lost between a laptop and another, I decided to try and move on. Recent and new works will be linked for your entertainment needs and mine but realistically speaking, this could end up being the least productive section of the site. Between new stories, updating Tales, work and life... there's a little too much going on.