Ginevra Mancinelli

The Maiden And The Altar

The Lands of Sing-Stones were only a night ride away from Kalamanda. They were called the Lands of Sing-Stones because of the many tales and legends made up around the location, although there were still people in Valoran who believed the magical Sing-Stones could still be found under the sand and dirt, along with gold.

It was only their luck that some Shuriman tribes still lived around The Well, the only round and fertile piece of land at Sing-Stones.

It seemed that the Elder of the tribe was also the only one endowed with authority and he went by so many names Katarina couldn’t remember one. Not that it would have made a difference. She whispered in his ear exactly how it would all unfold, and that he shouldn’t be troubled by the unusual exchange. The old man nodded, and he fixed his dirty robes in place.

Neither she nor the man before her understood a word of what he said after that, but when he gestured them to go on, Katarina cleared her throat.

“Until Dawn reigns East,

“Until the Citadel stops singing,

“Until dragons fall into the Abyss and the Void shatters its portals,

“I will know no other man that the one before me.”

Katarina raised an eyebrow at the Elder on her right, who rubbed his chin at the sight of a Noxian speaking the language of the Demacian Gods.

“May the Bastion fall and the Empire crawl,

“May I be enslaved and forever chained,

“But may I first be the one to put its fate,

“in the hands of the woman before me.”

The Elder dropped a strand of silk in the golden grail he held in his hands, and then proceeded to draw blood with a pointed dagger from the Demacian and the Noxian who stood in front of him, gathering their essence, and staining the silken strand.

“The Holy Grail,” he spoke, “unholy until death,” he tried to translate in the common tongue, before joining their hands and tying them together with the silken strand.

When the Elder was done, Katarina smiled brightly at her husband.

She leaned forward whispering, “Garen, I hope you can forgive me for this.”

The bulky man in front of her silently asked her what she was talking about, his blue eyes gleaming in the darkness of the night, a part of him wondering if his honor had taken him a bit too far this time.

His mind still foggy at the course of events, the Demacian didn’t have the chance to blink before his bride let go of his hand and left a deep, mortal gash in the Elder’s throat. The Shuriman man fell to the ground with a thump that echoed throughout Valoran.

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