Ginevra Mancinelli

Fan Fiction

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Summary: He never wanted to abuse her imagination. He came with knives, and agony, to love her.

Garen Crownguard/Katarina Du Couteau, Violence/Dubcon, Alternate Universe

The Trumpets Blow Again
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Summary: It was the dark stain on her lips, or the blood that mixed the light-brown color of her eyes. The sight he was hanging on as his vision faded to black, as the turntable kept spinning.

Emilia LeBlanc/Jarvan IV/Jericho Swain, Violence/Noncon, Character Death, Alternate Universe

Step, Dip and Spin
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Summary: When Twisted Fate agreed on leading tango classes with fellow League Champion Evelynn, there were two details he forgot to take into account: her slashers, and his unshuffled deck.

Tobias Fate/Evelynn, Violence/Dubcon, IoW Canon