Ginevra Mancinelli

League of Legends Lore

Wartales I: The Wings of Justice

Summary: The ancient Kingdom of Demacia fights the expansion of the growing Empire of Noxus, their colliding forces remaining unaware of who their real foes are. Pulling the strings of their fates, secret organizations and renowned institutions draft the plot of a political disaster.

Rated Mature for language, graphic depictions of violence and sexual themes.

Takes place during the Journal of Justice publication period (13 July, 20 CLE – 21 May, 22 CLE) and ends shortly after.

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I. About Demacia
II. As They Command
III. The Unspoken Threat
IV. Forbidden Names
V. Disembark
VI. The Sound of Steel
VII. Beauty from Hell
VIII. The Fall
IX. Growing Vines
X. The Dance of Blades
The Maiden And The Altar
XI. The Confession
XII. His Last Will
XIII. Where Men Fail
XIV. The Safest Secret
XV. The Lost Heir
XVI. Nostoi
XVII. A Vile Man
XVIII. Forged in Dragonfyre
XIX. Weight of The Guard
XX. The Pact We Made
Watch Closely
XXI. Steel and Blood
XXII. The Crown of Feathers
XXIII. Draught of Lies
XXIV. Ravenborn
XXV. Bridge to The Past
Names of The Drowned

The Ashes of Joy

Summary: As Valoran is threatened to be completely devastated by another Rune War, the most powerful summoners organize a meeting between the leaders of the city-states that have been clashing since they were founded. The Court of Demacia faces the High Command of Noxus on neutral grounds, but the ruler of a nation doesn’t necessarily cast the biggest shadow, or draft the most refined tactics.

Rated Teen for language and suggestive themes.

Takes place before the creation of the Institute of War and its League of Legends, approximately 25 years before the Journal of Justice publication period (Winter Season, 5 BCLE – 13 July, 1 CLE).

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Prequel: The Ashes of Joy

Wartales: The Wings of Justice and its prequel were originally written between May and December 2017.

Wartales II: The Mantle of Frost

Summary: After the destruction of the Institute of War and the dismantlement of the High Council of Equity, the politically fragile regions of Ionia and the Freljord are faced with rebellion and turmoil. In the Empire of Noxus, the High Command plans on taking advantage of King Jarvan IV’s absence and Valoran is once again on the verge of an imminent war that follows no rules.

Rated Explicit for language, heavy depictions of violence and sexual scenes. 

Takes place after the downfall of the High Council of Equity, Post League Era.

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I. The Path of Repentance
II. Rise And Fall (ongoing)