Fatherland Kindle cover

“I will go after each one of you until there is no one left and I, at last, find peace.”

The Silver Lands were ruled by kings until a mysterious fog descended from the Heights and devoured the lives of everything it touched. Generations after the event, only a few ruling houses are left in charge, with House Lionhelm being the one aspiring to unify the realm again through the appointed governors of the Regency.

Tecla Lionhelm is the youngest of her southern family, a maiden of fourteen, pious and curious until her faith in the Oracle takes a man’s life. Beneath the northern fogs, Jascha is a seemingly wealthy man searching for answers when visions nearly claim his existence. In the heart of the capital, Opherus Goldsnout trains as a Regency surveillant when he witnesses massacres that lead him astray.

A world of political intrigue and hidden, spectral societies forever shape and entangle characters who are unaware of them until the terror unfolds before their eyes. A tale of duty and resentment, spirit and flesh, love and vengeance.

Amazon Kindle release date: January 15th, 2021.

Amazon paperback & IngramSpark distribution coming soon.