The known lands

The Silver Lands

The lands mentioned in Fatherland are often referred to as the “Silver Lands” or the “Silver Continent”. They extend from the Avoryon Hills to the Far South, while the lands found across the Tinted Bay are part of the Red Continent.

Although it’s often forgotten, the Silver Lands have a rich history that begins with the conquest lead by a barbarian warrior, Alatros, who slew his way south from the Avoryon Hills. Up to this day, what is believed to have been his path is used as the main route for travelers and merchants. The Red Road connects the North to the South and leads to many major cities of the continent.

“Alatros the Red”

Alatros the Red was a red-haired and red-skinned warrior who nearly brought all the tribes of the continent to heel. The only known warrior to have been able to contrast Alatros’ forces was Ferngrunn of the Sand Towers but eventually, after years spent warring, Alatros reached the South and was outnumbered by a warrior queen named Aelneth.

Warrior Queen Aelneth provided Alatros with ships, provisions, and men so he could cross the Tinted Bay and claim the lands across as his. It is said that during his conquest, Alatros mined nearly all the silver found in the continent he renamed the “Red Continent”. Up to this day, the silver of the Red Continent is still mined for the silver lords.

When he returned, Alatros married Aelneth, and the two founded an everlasting kingdom, along with the Faith of the Oracle, still widely followed.

The Crimson Crystal Wars

Centuries after the slow decline of Alatros and Aelneth’s kingdom, the South was confronted with the unrelenting expansion of the “Empire” that House Rochelac of Noirmont established. The Crimson Crystal Wars, named after the colors that the two sides wore in battle, lasted enough time for the Empire to spread from Noirmont to the edge of Rockfall in the West, the Dark Barrens in the East, and Everspring in the South.

The wars came to an end with the coronation of Aleyne Rainier who brought peace and founded Silverholde, the capital of the Silver Lands.

The Silver Kingdom

The Rainiers reigned for nearly 1500 years, funding campaigns across the sea and investing in the arts and scientific research. They granted moderate ruling powers to the ancestral houses of the Silver Lands, namely:

  • House Lionhelm, residing in Strongshore and overseeing every territory south of the Rough Rill, the “Southern Lands”.
  • House Riverguard, residing in Courtbridge and in charge of guarding the “River Lands”.
  • House Rochelac, residing in Noirmont and overseeing the shadows of the tallest peak of the continent, the “Fog Lands”.
  • Sons of Ferngrunn, residing in the Sand Towers and guarding the northeastern coast.
  • House Rainier, established as princes and princesses of Rockfall, the city of progress in the “Rain Lands”.

The Regency

Roughly 60 years ago, the last King of the Silver Kingdom, Helias Rainier, established an institution to rule in his stead after he fell ill due to an unknown disease seemingly caused by dark clouds that engulfed almost the entire continent.

The Regency members are the heads of specific orders aiming to supervise the daily lives of the silver people, promote peace, and secure the prosperity of the continent.