A Cinder of Roses and Steel

A Cinder of Roses and Steel (A Hallow of Talons and Tears, #2) by Ginevra Mancinelli

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The second installment of the new epic fantasy series A Hallow of Talons and Tears. A perfect read for fans of Game of Thrones and Brandon Sanderson.

Escape the prison of ashes.

The Rosencircle has plotted for centuries, waiting for the moment the Silver Kingdom would prove to fail. But there is more at stake now that the powerful stones that once belonged to them are in the wrong hands. Tasked to find them as well as protect the secrecy of the society she belongs to, Rosewillow stumbles on a path that will lead her to a greater purpose and to a man she should only kill—Officer Opherus Goldsnout.

Sand and Smoke.

Tecla Lionhelm will reclaim her lost title and home but, as the Regency collapses and the Sand Towers lay waste to the lands separating her new residence from the South, she quickly plans a bigger war. Between settling in Sóley Rochelac’s Noirmont and learning more about the magical powers she can now wield through the Quiet Tear and the Darling Mind, Tecla’s fate and life are in danger.

The key to restoring the kingdom.

Unsure whether Sóley Rochelac will return, Count Alane engages in a mission to retrieve the remaining Lady of Noirmont, but Rohais Rochelac lives with Elva Lionhelm and the mysterious Silver Prince. Preoccupied with politics, Alane and Rohais might miss the truth, and it lies within the stone the prince possesses; the last of the Gifted Crosses of the Rosencircle.


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Trigger warnings

ACORAS is a novel told in third person from multiple points of view, and it’s intended for mature audiences (18+). This novel contains descriptive violence, frightening scenes, blood, alcohol, sex, as well as eating disorders and torture. Readers who are not comfortable with such themes on paper should therefore not proceed.

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A Cinder of Roses and Steel by Ginevra Mancinelli

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