A Hallow of Talons and Tears (AHOTAT): an overview

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A Hallow of Talons and Tears (AHOTAT) chronicles the fate of the ruined kingdom of Helias Rainier. After a devastating fog claimed the lives of more than half the population, King Helias fell ill. Before disappearing from the public eye, King Helias founded the Regency. Left to rule in his stead, the Regency hopes to keep the Silver Lands in an era of peace.

A Realm of Stones and Whispers (AHOTAT, #1)

A Realm of Stones and Whispers (AROSAW) takes place roughly sixty years after the creation of the Regency. The Silver Lands nearly become one again under the banners of House Lionhelm, the ruling family of the South. AROSAW thus begins with the political machinations of the Lionhelms.

An unexpected accident renders uncertain the fate of Tithan Lionhelm’s heir. Lady Lionhelm tries to reconcile her husband with their second-born. However, she also plans the arranged marriage of their youngest child, Tecla Lionhelm, a maiden of fourteen years. Starting as a pious and reserved girl, Tecla rapidly becomes corrupted. Her blind faith and stubborn search for the truth lead her to take a man’s life.

The world of political intrigue expands as, beneath the northern fogs, a man named Jascha wants answers when visions nearly claim his existence. On a path parallel to his, Opherus Goldsnout trains as a Regency surveillant. But when he witnesses massacres and supernatural events, he may not be as convinced of his mission.

A Cinder of Roses and Steel (AHOTAT, #2)

The second part of the story, A Cinder of Roses and Steel, delves into the societies and forbidden religions that find their way out into the world. In fact, the ruling houses of the Silver Lands are crumbling. Rosewillow, the favorite of the Rosencircle’s Mastria, must kill Opherus before the truth about the Rosencircle gets out. Meanwhile, Tecla Lionhelm needs to adapt to her new life in Sóley Rochelac’s Noirmont.

However, in the Northwestern lands, Noirmont’s general, Alane Belmont, is secretly taking Rohais Rochelac home. Meanwhile, the capital of Silverholde is at war with the Sons of Ferngrunn.

An expansive universe

This universe comprises a prequel, The Empress of Beasts and Mist, as well as at least two more installments following A Cinder of Roses and Steel.

As an epic fantasy series, AHOTAT takes the reader on a journey around the Silver Continent and across the tinted and dancing waters. Through multiple points of view, AHOTAT redefines the makings of brave and rogue.

A series full of action, adventure, love, with mystical artefacts and mythological creatures. Readers have found it perfect for fans of George R. R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson.