A Realm of Stones and Whispers

A Realm of Stones and Whispers (A Hallow of Talons and Tears, #1) by Ginevra Mancinelli

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The first installment in the epic fantasy series A Hallow of Talons and Tears, recommended for fans of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and Brandon Sanderson.

An Ambitious House.

Kings ruled the Silver Lands until a mysterious fog descended from the Heights and devoured the lives of everything it touched. Generations after the event, only a few ruling houses are in charge, with House Lionhelm aspiring to unify the realm again through the appointed governors of the Regency.

A World of Politics and Magic.

At fourteen, Tecla Lionhelm should take the reins of her future, but between religion and research, she must also consider marriage. After accidentally killing a man, Tecla discovers there could be more to the faith she practices. Unbeknownst to her, her brother, Theliel, is uncovering disturbing truths about the Regency, the King, and a missing noble family, the Rosenfields.

In the capital, Surveillant Opherus Goldsnout comes across a young healer and the man she’s treating, Jascha, and suspects him to play a role in the disappearances of several girls. As Jascha looks for answers regarding his health, while Opherus investigates the Rosenfields, they both find out about occult societies reclaiming their stolen lands.

A Journey Down a Bloodied Path…

In a tale of ladies and lords, criminals and sentinels, maids and soldiers, followers and heretics, each must choose between duty and resentment, spirit and flesh, love and vengeance. The dream of a united land is fading, morality crumbles, and a war horn blows.


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Trigger warnings

AROSAW is a novel told in third person from multiple points of view, and it’s intended for mature audiences (18+). In fact, the book contains descriptive violence, frightening scenes, blood, alcohol, sex, as well as rape, child abuse, and torture. Readers who are not comfortable with such themes on paper should therefore not proceed.

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A Realm of Stones and Whispers by Ginevra Mancinelli

Kindle cover
Kindle eBook
A Realm of Stones and Whispers by Ginevra Mancinelli

Paperback cover
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A Realm of Stones and Whispers by Ginevra Mancinelli

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