About me: Welcome to my website!

About me: Ginevra Mancinelli's author picture in 2018
Ginevra Mancinelli in 2018

I was born in Rome, Italy, in 1992. I stayed in Rome until I was about 10 years old, then my parents moved to France, where I took my high school diploma in Literature and Foreign Languages. Although I wished to pursue literary studies, I attended the University of Geneva and got my Bachelor of Law in 2013. For many years, my goal was to specialize in Criminal and International law. Hoping to become a magistrate, I attended the University of Lausanne.

My years spent in Switzerland were certainly the best until I began working as a paralegal. I was the Co-president of the Federation of Students’ associations. My role allowed me to co-found a free legal service for other students. However, as much as I loved our work, it also ended the illusion of a progressive legal help. A particular case made it obvious there was no will to change things, even at a university level. I left Switzerland after my thesis defense in 2017.

About me and my writing

I’ve been writing since I was 13, so that’s about… 17 years already. I’ve had an on and off relationship with writing, going from periods of heavy writing to a complete lack of inspiration. FanFiction.Net has helped me with my escape needs, and the people I met along the way convinced me I could take it to the next level one day. Some authors don’t like saying they wrote fanfictions before publishing anything, but I think we should all value practice over content. Nobody starts off as this bestselling icon who is just so good at what they do. Even Victoria Aveyard (bestselling author of the Red Queen series) stated she was on FF.Net!

The idea for A Hallow of Talons and Tears came to me in 2018 after roughly a year and a half of depression and self-doubt. Having moved back to Italy with no career plans and no funds, I didn’t know what to do. I dabbled with a couple of part-time jobs until I landed a full-time one in 2019… only to realize they would never pay me accordingly. In 2020, when Covid-19 hit, I quit my job, sued my employer, and began working on my fantasy series.

My debut series

A Realm of Stones and Whispers (AHOTAT, #1) was initially the idea for a historical fiction. The plot was rather simple: a young girl sold off to a foreign lord until she became a ruthless ruler, ready to march back to her homeland and take her revenge on her politically twisted family. There was no magic, no epic creature involved. But then I realized I wanted magic and epic creatures, and so the first edition of the book came out in January 2021 under the title Fatherland (Book One of Consecration).

George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series regarding the political aspect largely inspired the book. That is no secret, but I like to think I’m adding enough extra elements for AHOTAT to be its own story. AHOTAT mixes political intrigue with occult societies, and the characters all come from different backgrounds. I don’t wish to hold back with the human psyche, the violence, the toll it all takes on my characters. Some regress because of their trauma, develop eating disorders, or become extreme to reach their goals. No one’s spared and no one’s a hero.

About me… and my little assistants!

About me: Ginevra Mancinelli and her kittens, Rory and Effy
Rory (the grey one) and Effy (the ginger one)

In December 2020, still with no money and no conviction that I would ever do what I wanted, I adopted Rory and Effy. They were abandoned on Christmas Eve, dumped near the trash, and I couldn’t let them live at a cramped shelter. Effy’s had health problems since the beginning, but they’re always near me when I write. They’re proof-readers; they just don’t know it!

Personal life

About me: Ginevra Mancinelli's family
Ginevra’s family in 2020 (from left to right: Mel [cousin], El [cousin], Ginevra, her mother Irene, her goddaughter Sam)

The right term to describe my heritage is probably “Eurasian,” but in this modern day and age, you can say I’m “white passing.” My father was Italian, my mother is Filipino, and I’ve always been closer to my mother’s side of the family. These are the people I spend most of my time with, and if you wonder why I say my books are own voices, know this:

Filipino culture and mythology are richer than European. What the Filipino community still has to go through nowadays is something I want to include in my AHOTAT series through characters such as Lyzon, and others you’ve yet to meet because they appear in later books.

Obviously, there are other themes I approach from my perspective, but a diverse lore is certainly one of the key elements you’ll find in my books. Too many fantasy series focus on Celtic culture. The world has a lot more to offer.