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Are you a new author or an aspiring author? Do you need pen buddies? Research buddies? Are you looking for a community outside of Twitter, Facebook, and the likes? I created a Discord server meant just for that. It’s very chill, easy to use, and peopled with fellow writers and readers who would love to…

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Authors write what they know. True or False?

“Authors write what they know” is an answer I’ve mostly seen in topics about diverse characters, namely LGBTQIA+ characters and/or characters with different ethnicities. It’s a little upsetting to me that “Authors write what they know” is being used as a Get Out of Jail Free card because these are two different things. You either…

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House Lionhelm | An analysis of the rulers of the South

Formed from many, now as one. The Lionhelms are introduced from the first chapter of Fatherland. The head of the house is mentioned already in the prologue, and what is clear from the start is that the Lionhelms are the overlords of the South. (Do you have trouble recalling where is what? Check this out.)…

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Who were you before you became an author?

This is me. This is also me. Seventeen years ago, I was writing my first story. I was eleven (you do the math). It was bad; it was no more than a fanfiction handwritten on an old notebook left unused for school, and it contained 1) a lot of dialogue and 2) inappropriate content that…

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Fatherland [Downloadable content]

You guys are out of this world As a thank you to all of you who have been hopping on the follow train in the past two weeks (almost 700 people across all platforms I’m active on — which is huge for me since I’ve never been much of a social media person), I decided…

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Yes, you read it right. If you’re new here, you might wonder what Fatherland even is, and I don’t blame you. Fatherland is the first volume of Consecration, a fantasy series that obeys the few rules of the low fantasy and dark fantasy genres. It is a multiple POV story filled with a good amount…

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