Book Review: Marcus by Chelle

I downloaded this as part of a BookTok event when the eBook was free on Kindle. This book review of Marcus by Chelle is probably one of the most negative reviews I’ve ever written, so bear with me. This didn’t read as a published novel but as a fanfiction without beta readers.

(Review contains spoilers.)

Book review Marcus by Chelle

Marcus official cover art
Marcus official cover art

My rating: ★★ (2/5)

Summary: Jasmine receives an invitation to the Black Lily Club. Reserved, hard-working and with a terrible history of relationships, she knows very little about the world Marcus invites her into. Little does she know there’s something supernatural about him, and the new friends she makes, too.

Genre: Urban fantasy, Erotica

Audience: Adult (?)

Themes/potential trigger warnings: BDSM, bisexuality, gore

Not an “adult” read

This book is very short and fast-paced, which was a refresher, and I liked the urban fantasy setting. However, I found the writing juvenile despite being a novel aimed at an adult audience (considering the bondage themes). The BDSM featured in this book is very “vanilla,” even when Jasmine walks around the club and witnesses what happens.

Nonexistent world-building/development

The main characters started out as interesting and relatable until Jasmine discovers that vampires and shifters are real. She just seems to shrug it off and joins them in a matter of 24 hours because Marcus the vampire turns out to be her soulmate… I appreciated the portrayal of Jasmine’s bisexuality, as it’s rare to find bisexual main characters, but the intercourse happened instantly. It felt rushed.

What in the Wattpad?

What irked me the most was the complete lack of editing and formatting. I think that if this novel had been polished a minimum, it would have been easier to read and far more enjoyable. As of right now, it just reminds me of junk-food stories found on Wattpad or FanFiction.Net. There are typos and grammatical errors all around, and this isn’t even a long book. A beta reader would have picked up most, if not all, of those.

Marcus is a book with a good premise but poor execution.