Series title: Consecration

Genre: Fantasy

Sub-genres: Dark fantasy, Supernatural, Romance

Audience: Adults and New Adults

Content warnings: dark adult situations, descriptive violence, themes of abuse, mental illness, eating disorder, mentions of bestiality and incest, age gap.

The Map of the Silver Lands

The Setting: A Kingdom in Ruins

Consecration chronicles the fate of the ruined Silver Kingdom, a continent devastated by the consequences of a purple-hued fog that claimed the lives of more than half the population and several major houses. Left to rule in the stead of King Helias Rainier is the institution he founded, the Regency, in hopes of ensuring the prosperity and stability of the Silver Lands. Roughly sixty years after the creation of the Regency, the Silver Lands are nearly united under the banners of House Lionhelm, the ruling family of the South.

A Multiple POV Story

A Believer. An Assassin. A Paragon.

Fatherland begins with the political machinations of the Lionhelms. After an unexpected accident that renders uncertain the fate of Tithan Lionhelm’s heir, Lady Lionhelm tries to reconcile her husband with their second-born and plans the arranged marriage of their youngest child, Tecla Lionhelm, a maiden of fourteen years. Pious and reserved, Tecla strays away from the path her family carved for her after her faith takes a man’s life.

The world of political intrigue expands as beneath the northern fogs, a seemingly wealthy man named Jascha is searching for answers when visions nearly claim his existence. On a path parallel to Jascha’s, Opherus Goldsnout trains as a Regency surveillant when he witnesses massacres and supernatural events that lead him astray.

Religion & Mythology

The second part of the story, Rosencircle (to be released in September 2021), delves into the societies and forbidden religions that find their way out into the world as the ruling houses of the Silver Lands begin to crumble. The Rosencircle sees a window to escape their ashen prison, and Rosewillow, the leader’s favorite, is tasked to fix her mistakes and kill the man who witnessed her Mastria and her powers: Opherus Goldsnout.

In the meantime, Tecla settles in Sóley Rochelac’s Noirmont to claim her lost title and home, while attempting to grasp the meaning and purpose of the powers she can wield thanks to the jewels that are now in her possession. Oracles, Mastrias, Iathienars, and Serpents—but war knocks at the door and the Sand Towers have a score to settle with her family.

War or Glory?

Third installment, Faywaltz (to be published in 2022), continues threading the fates of the characters caught in quests of expansion and the pursuit of black arts. Theliel Lionhelm needs to return from the Red Continent after hearing of his sister’s actions and the continent may very well be split in two where the Rough Rill meets the sea.

For fans of Game of Thrones and Brandon Sanderson

Consecration takes the reader on a journey around the Silver Continent and across the tinted, dancing waters through multiple points of view to redefine the makings of brave and rogue. Readers compared it to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and Brandon Sanderson’s series while defining Consecration its own tale and its own universe. There is no definite number of volumes as of now, and the world of this series keeps expanding.

But what happens next?

Not ready to commit to a series just yet? Check the standalone prequel to see if this kind of story is right up your alley.