Self-publishing can be tough. It’s not as simple as write and hit publish. Every author aspiring to become a professional needs contributors. The goal is to have people helping you carry the weight of a one-person business. I was lucky to find people offering some services for free. For everything else, I can’t recommend Fiverr enough.

Writing, Editing, More Editing

Katarina M., Alpha Reader, profile portrait
Katarina M., Alpha Reader

Katarina receives the chapters I write before everybody else when the story isn’t even complete. She reviews the manuscript before the first round of edits. Alpha readers point out flaws in the character/story development. As a result, they give general feedback on the progress.

When she’s not fangirling over any Rochelac character, Katarina reads a variety of genres such as fantasy, romance, horror, and thriller.

Quincy S., Copy Editor, profile portrait
Quincy S., Copy Editor

Quincy goes through every sentence. He picks up typos, grammar, syntax issues. Copy editors proofread and fact-check the manuscript. Quincy also reads the books as a sensitivity reader when PoC characters are involved. Therefore, this is a crucial part of the process.

Like Opherus Goldsnout, Quincy has a massive crush on Rantha. During his free time, he enjoys epic music and cooking for friends.

Maps, Portraits, Designs

Contributors to the artwork

Chiara, Cartographer and Designer
Chiara, Fiverr Professional

As a cartographer, Chiara rendered the maps I came up with for my books. In addition, she creates mockups useable for covers.

Contributors to the artwork

Daria, Artist
Daria, Fiverr Professional

A portrait specialist. Daria created every face featured in my books. She is great at drawing characters in a fantasy or gothic style.

The Web Marketing Team

Having a story ready and art to showcase its style is great. But how do you push your book to the rest of the world? Your best tool is obviously your website. In fact, your site is the one thing you own. Getting an SEO-ready, mobile friendly website is a must. However, you also need exposure experts. After all, you can’t reach your readers on your own. (Especially if you’re a noob at it, like me!)

Mićo M., Web Developer

Hi I am Mićo and I worked on this site. If you want me to work on yours you can email me here.

Contributors to web marketing

Promo Nation, promotion agency
Promo Nation Logo

Co-founded by Major Entrepreneur and Influencer Marsha Wright, Promo Nation helps your reach. They’re friendly to small businesses and help them max out their exposure. In fact, they offer a variety of plans and services. Promo Nation also offers professional guidance so that you are ready to fly solo at the end of your experience.