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Self-publishing isn’t cost-free. Although it’s true that uploading your books to KDP requires no money, there are other aspects that require investments. I wrote an article on my personal costs, and while this may not apply to every author, it gives you an idea. There are many ways you can support an author. You can share their books, talk about their books on social media, post reviews, etc. Donations are a plus, but you should do it only if you can afford it.

What are the major expenses an author faces?

To provide readers with quality reads, an author needs:

Although the author can perform many of these tasks, it’s not sustainable long term. It would equal working seven days a week, considering how time-consuming each task is. In fact, many aspects listed here are professions. Not to mention that an author is supposed to keep writing… and have a life!

Independently published books often come at a lower price. This is particularly true when the book is published through KDP, as there is no middleman handling the distribution. You’ll rarely find an author with less than 20 or 30 books making a living out of it. Otherwise, the business model 20BooksTo50K wouldn’t even exist.

If you wish to show further support, consider donating.

The easiest way to donate is using PayPal. In fact, the money goes directly to the PayPal account, which can then be used to purchase the services the author needs. This is in no way mandatory or a guilt trip, and unless you are 100% certain you wish to donate, don’t do it. Your financial stability comes before someone else’s.

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