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Ginevra's ARC Team

Ginevra Mancinelli author logo mockup
Ginevra Mancinelli Author Logo Mockup

Glad you landed on this page! Thank you for showing interest in Ginevra’s ARC Team. Advance Review Copy (ARC) readers receive the book prior to release for several reasons. The first is to have some reviews ready by release day to drive more people to buy it. Another reason is to help the author and their contributors with catching last-minute errors to correct. In fact, an ARC edition is rarely the final product. Some corrections are still ongoing while the team is at work. It also helps build a community, drive some hype, but most importantly—it’s to gather some reactions. Get an idea of the book’s reception.

General rules to become an ARC reader

Warnings related to Ginevra Mancinelli’s books

Ginevra Mancinelli writes fantasy for adults. While it doesn’t mean you need to be over 18 to read her books, it is recommended. Adult fantasy can be complex in terms of prose, world-building, plot, politics… But it also features scenes that can be frightening, triggering, and not suitable for readers not used to the genre. You will find violence, nonconsensual sexual intercourse, child abuse, and other themes that aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. While none of this is romanticized or idealized, it can still unnerve you.

Where to apply for Ginevra’s ARC Team?

When a book is up for pre-order, the ARC sign-ups are too. Therefore, you need to check the current pre-orders and see if something piques your interest enough to fill the form at the bottom.