Meet the author: Ginevra Mancinelli

Meet the author.
Ginevra Mancinelli's author portrait.
Ginevra Mancinelli in 2020

Meet the author? Who even is Ginevra Mancinelli?

Ginevra Mancinelli is an independent author. She writes fantasy books for adults. Although she lives in Italy, she spent years between France and Switzerland. She studied literature and foreign languages. Mancinelli graduated in law from the University of Geneva and the University of Lausanne.

As an author, she wishes to keep self-publishing her books. However, she plans on querying some standalone novels, too.

During her free time, Mancinelli spends time as a Sims-like couch potato. She enjoys watching shows with her kitties on her lap. She plays a few video games and makes lists of places to visit. As an avid reader, she reads a variety of genres, although her comfort picks are fantasy, horror, and a few romances.

You can learn more about her on the About me page.

Ginevra Mancinelli’s Self-Publishing Journey

Contrary to popular belief, self-publishing isn’t easy. It’s starting your own business. Like many other authors, Ginevra Mancinelli made mistakes. But she also learned a lot on the way. Reading about her journey may help you decide whether to self-publish your books. This could be helpful, especially if you’re not based in an English-speaking country.

Learn more on My Self-Publishing Journey.

Meet the author… in person?

Because of the pandemic, organizing and taking part in book events became complicated. To introduce her books to new readers, Mancinelli will sign up for events related to dark fiction.

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