Of Ghosts and Storms

Of Ghosts and Storms (A Hallow of Talons and Tears, #0.5) by Ginevra Mancinelli

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Of Ghosts and Storms, a novella set in the universe of Mancinelli’s epic fantasy series A Hallow of Talons and Tears. A fantasy with horror undertones, LGBT+ representation, and French-inspired lore.

Following the execution of his mother, Ghost becomes a servant in his own house. Zander Rochelac, his father and Lord of Noirmont, sees him as nothing but a curse carried by Ghost’s given name. Isolated from the rest of the world, Ghost is close only to his half-sister, Loveleen, heiress to Noirmont. Until he gets to know her custodian, Favian Belmont, better.

“You are but a specter.”

The story of how Ghost became who he was, uncovered Noirmont’s secrets, befriended Larcel. And died.

Note: This novella can’t be read without reading The Empress of Beasts and Mist first.


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Trigger warnings

OGAS is a novella told in third person from Ghost’s point of view, and it’s intended for very mature audiences (18+). This novel contains descriptive violence, frightening scenes, blood, alcohol, sex, incest, bestiality, child abuse, mentions of forced abortion and cannibalism, and torture. Readers who are not comfortable with such themes on paper should therefore not proceed.

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Kindle edition
Kindle edition
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Paperback edition

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