Epic Fantasy for pre-order: A Waltz with Fays and Strixes (Expected release date: 2022/09/15)

Following A Realm of Stones and Whispers, The Empress of Beasts and Mist, and A Cinder of Roses and Steel is the third book in the epic fantasy book series A Hallow of Talons and Tears. Pre-order A Waltz with Fays and Strixes on the Amazon Kindle Store.

Epic fantasy for preorder

A Waltz with Fays and Strixes Kindle cover preview by Ginevra Mancinelli
Kindle Cover Preview

A Waltz with Fays and Strixes, the third installment in the epic fantasy series A Hallow of Talons and Tears, recommended for fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and Brandon Sanderson.

A Hidden Land.

After fleeing from Strongshore, Theliel and Sarkis land in the Enclave of Zalés, the largest settlement of the islands of the Zalejos Depths. Theliel discovers unsettling truths about his sister Tecla, but he also learns he needs to form a bigger alliance than the ones currently fighting with each other in the Silver Continent. Between phantom islands and new weaponry, Theliel and Sarkis set out to conquer.

An Empire of Sand.

After the conflict in the Sand Towers, Tecla works to stabilize her gained territories and their governments. However, a civil war threatens to break out as supporters of the Rochelac dynasty want to see Rohais on the throne instead of her. Tecla then turns to an unlikely ally, albeit against her will. Because of the uncertainty surrounding their safety, Sóley enters the Beast’s Den.

A New Mastria.

As Opherus and Willow look for a way to destroy the Rosencircle’s Mastria, they meet a strange man from the Red Continent, who claims to be the son of the Silver Prince and heir to the ruined Silver Kingdom. But they soon realize their best weapons might be in the underground cities below Silverholde and Wilderose… while their best allies are those they loathe the most—the Rochelacs of Noirmont.

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Advance Review Copy (ARC) Availability

ARC readers are always welcome. Applications will open in July 2022.

NOTE: Applying does not guarantee you an ARC copy. If you do not receive an answer from the author, it either means that there are no more slots available, or that you’ve applied for ARC copies before but did not review the book you received.

Before you pre-order or apply for an ARC, keep in mind the book is intended for mature audiences. It gets descriptive with violence and adult situations. The themes approached include mental illness, eating disorder, physical and mental abuse, mentions of bestiality and cannibalism. Descriptive violence also includes torture and frightening situations not suitable for a sensitive audience.

While these events amount to less than 10%, the author advises readers to not underestimate the content warnings if they’re not used to adult fantasy and the dark fantasy sub-genre.

Other Releases

Of Ghosts and Storms (AHOTAT, #0.5): A Ghost Novella

If you liked Ghost’s character in The Empress of Beasts and Mist and wish to know more about his past, his relationships, and his demise, then this novella is for you. His involvement in Noirmont’s mysteries and his connections to characters such as Favian, Larcel, and Charlaine are further explored.

Pre-order for $0.99 (Expected release date: 04/15/2022)

Of Quiet and Reverie (AHOTAT, #3.5): A Tecla Novella

This novella takes place right after A Waltz with Fays and Strixes. It will plunge you into an alternate reality that could become the only reality in the following books, if Tecla follows Helias’ plan.

Pre-order for $0.99 (Expected release date: 11/15/2022)

A Legion of Lions and Serpents (AHOTAT, #4)

The fourth installment of A Hallow of Talons and Tears. Descriptions will be updated after the release of A Waltz with Fays and Strixes to avoid spoilers.

Pre-order for $2.99 (Expected release date: 02/15/2023)