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A House that once ruled over an empire.

The Rochelacs are known for being ruthless, sanguinary, and tied to the blood of an ancient warrior. Centuries have passed and war has been waged countless times, and now the family rules as the overlords of the Fog Lands. Under the guidance of a scryer, Zander Rochelac decides to change laws and restore traditions for his only daughter, Loveleen, at the cost of sacrificing diplomatic relationships with the rest of the kingdom.

A woman, a bride, and a leader.

Loveleen is seventeen when she is to marry the lord of another house. Bold and free, she sees the marriage as a simple duty that will not prevent her from living her life the way she wants and blurring the line between friendship and lust. But Larcel Silenteye wishes to become more than a simple consort and will prove to become her only ally when Loveleen’s father’s actions put her on the path to self-destruction.

A curse that could bring an entire kingdom to heel.

The Fog Lands are the lands of the Beast, a sentient creature with desires and goals. When Loveleen uncovers what it really wants and what her father has agreed to, it may be too late for her family and the whole kingdom. The scryer speaks of a prophecy, but Loveleen sees a curse, and the color of the fog is changing.

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A plot to escape the prison of ashes.

The Rosencircle has plotted for centuries, waiting for the moment the Silver Kingdom would prove to fail. But there is more at stake now that the powerful stones that once belonged to them are in the wrong hands. Tasked to find them as well as protect the secrecy of the society she belongs to, Rosewillow stumbles on a path that will lead her to a greater purpose and to a man she should only kill—Officer Opherus Goldsnout.

An Empire of Smoke and Sand.

Tecla Lionhelm is willing to reclaim her lost title and home but as the Regency collapses and the Sand Towers lay waste to the lands separating her new residence from the South, she quickly finds herself planning a bigger war. Between settling in Sóley Rochelac’s Noirmont and learning more about the magical powers she can now wield through the Quiet Tear and the Darling Mind, Tecla’s fate and life are threatened.

The key to restoring the kingdom.

Unsure whether Sóley Rochelac will return or not, Count Alane engages in a mission to retrieve the remaining Lady of Noirmont, but Rohais has been raised by Elva Lionhelm and the mysterious Silver Prince. Preoccupied with politics, Alane and Rohais might miss the truth, and it lies within the stone the prince possesses; the last of the Gifted Crosses of the Rosencircle.

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These books are intended for mature audiences and are quite descriptive when it comes to violence and adult situations. The themes approached include mental illness, eating disorder, a wide spectrum of sexual orientation, physical and mental abuse, mentions of bestiality, and incest.