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Ginevra Mancinelli is a reader first, and she loves reading books when she’s not writing them. Request a review from her; the service is free, contrary to what you’ll find on many social media accounts and other sites. In exchange for a free copy of your book, receive a detailed analysis of your novel and an honest opinion.

What books can you submit?

Genre: Fantasy (with no sub-genre preference), additionally Horror, Paranormal, Erotica, Romance

Audience: Adult, New Adult (no Young Adult, Middle Grade or Children’s Books)

Content rating: all kinds of trigger warnings accepted

Format: MOBI, ePUB preferred (PDF files get shrunk on the Kindle app and the book is hard to read!)

How is a book graded?

The review will focus on the following aspects:

Each aspect receives either a full star, half a star, or no star. Ginevra rounds up her reviews, so if your book receives a final 4.5 rating, it will appear as a 5-star rating.

Ginevra graduated in Literature and Foreign Languages before continuing with her law studies, so expect an advanced critique of your work.

Where will you find the review?

Request a review from Ginevra Mancinelli, a NetGalley member!
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Ginevra Mancinelli is a NetGalley member.

Besides the NetGalley review, you’ll also find feedback on Amazon, Goodreads, BookBub, Instagram, and TikTok. Upon request, you can also receive a quick review tweet.

Are there examples of books by authors who requested a review?

Absolutely! Head over to the Blog tab, under the section Reviewed ARCs. You’ll find the books Ginevra has reviewed so far or is reviewing, so a variety of books within the fantasy genre (fantasy romance, fantasy comedy, epic fantasy, etc.).

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Note: because of the sizeable amount of requests, Ginevra is accepting ARCs starting from January 2022 and onwards. You can still fill out the form and see what month is available for you and your book.