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Ginevra Mancinelli holding the first edition of her debut novel
Ginevra Mancinelli in 2020

Are you active on social media and wish to follow Ginevra Mancinelli? This is the list of her currently active profiles. While her preferred platforms are undoubtedly Twitter and TikTok, you’ll find her content in other places as well. Make sure you follow and turn on notifications to never miss an update related to her books, her work-in-progress, or giveaways.

(Ginevra follows back every genuine, public bookish account. Don’t follow to unfollow, it’s rude ;))

Active Social Media Accounts

Click on an icon to be redirected to the profile to follow. You’ll find book aesthetics on Instagram and Pinterest, while Spotify hosts the playlists of each book. To keep up to date with book releases, follow the author page available on Amazon!

Want to talk about the books, the writing, or game along?

Writing & Reviewing

Ginevra Mancinelli posts her reviews on Goodreads and her recommendations on BookBub. You can also follow her on Medium, if you’re interested in future blogging focused on writing.

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