Wondering how you can support an indie author?

The first thing you can do is purchase and review my books, and if you liked them, recommend them to your friends and family. That will forever be the best gift for an author because we live for our stories and we want people to live for them too (with moderation). But if you want to show me further support, which I will never be able to thank you enough for, here are more options to consider.

Join my ARC Team

An Advanced Reader Copy is an edition of a book that isn’t complete in the sense that it lacks a final proofread or even a final cover. However, the story is considered complete and no further developmental editing will be done. A member of an ARC team is expected to read the book within a reasonable amount of time BEFORE the release date of the book and they also are expected to review the book on the platforms they’re active on (Goodreads, BookBub, Litsy, social media, etc.). The ARC edition is FREE. Interested in joining?

PayPal Pool

This pool is intended to help me cover the costs related to hiring professionals such as editors, cover artists, digital artists, webmasters, marketers, etc. (For more information, you can read my article on self-publishing costs here.) There is no minimum amount and you can also choose to remain anonymous. Tip whatever amount you wish!

Amazon Wishlist

This is in case you wish to send me a birthday gift or just a gift in general. I live in Italy, so the shipping options or even the availability of certain items may be limited. Want to suggest me items or books or anything? Contact me! I’m always open to new ideas.