The Empress of Beasts and Mist

The Empress of Beasts and Mist (A Hallow of Talons and Tears, #0) by Ginevra Mancinelli

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The Empress of Beasts and Mist, the prequel to Mancinelli’s epic fantasy series A Hallow of Talons and Tears. A fantasy with horror undertones, LGBT+ representation, and French-inspired lore.

A House that once ruled over an empire.

The Rochelacs are famous for being ruthless, sanguinary, and tied to the blood of an ancient warrior. Centuries have passed and war ravaged the continent countless times, and now the family rules as the overlords of the Fog Lands. Under the guidance of a scryer, Zander Rochelac changes laws and reinstalls traditions for his only daughter, Loveleen, at the cost of sacrificing diplomatic relationships with the rest of the kingdom.

A woman loved by many.

Loveleen is seventeen when she is to marry the lord of another house. Bold and free, she sees the marriage as a simple duty that will not prevent her from living her life the way she wants and blurring the line between friendship and lust. But Larcel Silenteye wishes to become more than a simple consort and will prove to become her only ally when Loveleen’s father’s actions put her on the path to self-destruction.

A curse that could bring an entire kingdom to heel.

The Fog Lands are the lands of the Beast, a sentient creature with desires and goals. When Loveleen uncovers what it really wants and what her father has agreed to, it may be too late for her family and the entire kingdom. The scryer speaks of a prophecy, but Loveleen sees a curse, and the color of the fog is changing.


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Trigger warnings

TEOBAM is a novel told in third person from multiple points of view, and it’s intended for very mature audiences (18+). This novel contains descriptive violence, frightening scenes, blood, alcohol, sex, as well as suicide, eating disorders, incest, bestiality, rape, child abuse, mentions of miscarriages, forced abortion, and torture. Readers who are not comfortable with such themes on paper should therefore not proceed.

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The Empress of Beasts and Mist by Ginevra Mancinelli

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The Empress of Beasts and Mist by Ginevra Mancinelli

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